A downloadable game

Can you survive alone on the raft with nothing but your life time of sandbox crafting skills.

Features may include:

Fishing, sleeping, being cold, finding a bucket, finding sticks, making things out of sticks, finding random floating junk, rubbing random floating junk on other junk to make junk to make the raft a slight less crappy place to be, bigger fish & the moon.

Making this for #lowrezjam2016 game downloads will appear towards the end of the jam :)


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I really wanted to try this game, it was one of the most interesting ideas from the jam. Hopefully you'll upload it eventually.

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Hey, are you still developing this game? It seems really cool...

This idea sounds really cool, looking forward to it!

Cheers! Will have to see how it pans out. Done no prep for this jam, scibbled idea at breakfast, and have just got on with it. May have lost focus by spending too much time on an object to instance jumping fish juuusssstttttt right.. :D